Tuesday, April 3, 2012

EP President Schulz: Belarus "last cruel dictatorship

Mr Vigenin and other opening speakers regretted the fact that there were no representatives of the Belarus Parliament present. This point was taken up in a video message from European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who referred to Belarus as the "last cruel dictatorship in the eastern neighbourhood" and hoped that "one day freely elected representatives of Belarus can join our assembly".

EU Enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule stressed that Euronest was "not just another institution established under the Eastern Partnersship" but, given that the role of parliaments is to "keep governments accountable and advocate reforms", a real tool to advance democratization in EU's eastern neighbourhood.

Mr Fule also said that the Euronest contribution is much is needed to achieve the aims of the Eastern Partnership and implement the new EU neighbourhood policy instruments.

The Euronest session opening was concluded by adopting Rules of Procedure to provide a smoother procedure for adopting common reports.

Source: europarl.europa.eu

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