Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cooperation between Baroness Ashton and the European Parliament is essential

The exchange of views with Baroness Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and vice-President designate of the Commission (Brussels, 0212/2009), showed that Baroness Ashton, as the person responsible for directing EU foreign policy, has the necessary skills and aptitudes but also she has the political will to cooperate closely with the European Parliament.

Said S&D vice-president Kristian Vigenin: The fact that Baroness Ashton came initially to the committee on foreign affairs for an exchange of views with MEPs shows that the High Representative wants to work closely with the European Parliament and this is a very significant sign. I am satisfied that she intends to take a pragmatic approach on relations with Russia while putting human rights and democracy issues high on the agenda.

Said S&D vice-president Hannes Swoboda: First, I am very happy that she is committed and was committed to anti-nuclear activities and supports disarmament. We hope that she will continue that. Second, we expect very close cooperation with the Parliament not only where it is legally and institutionally necessary but beyond that.

Mr Swoboda added: "Transatlantic relations, especially with the Obama administration, are very important but transatlantic relations means that we want to cooperate on an equal basis. That is our expectation and the answers given by her have proven that she is going in that direction. We will now cooperate very closely on these issues".

Press Release: S&D. Published on 2 December 2009

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