Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Euronest Parliamentary Assembly Launched Today



1.Welcome by Prof. Jerzy BUZEK, President of the European Parliament, and presentation of the Speakers of the Parliaments of the Eastern Partners.


2.Address by Mrs Catherine ASHTON, High Representative/Vice President or her representative


3.Addresses by the Speakers or the Heads of Delegation of the Eastern Partners


4.Adoption of the Constituent Act and the Rules of Procedure of the Euronest PA

5.Signature of the Constituent Act of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly by the Speakers of the Parliaments of the Eastern Partners and the President of the European Parliament

6.Election of the Bureau of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly:
-2 Co-Presidents
-8 Vice-Presidents


8.Adoption of the decision on setting up four parliamentary committees and approval of the Rules of Procedure for the committees

9.Adoption of the decision on setting up two working groups


10.Final remarks by the Co-Presidents


11.Closure of the meeting and

12.Opening of the constituent meetings of the standing committees

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