Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EU-Republic of Moldova Cooperation Council

Twelfth Meeting
15 June 2010

At the EU-Republic of Moldova Cooperation Council today, the Cooperation Council welcomed the positive dynamics of EU-Republic of Moldova relations and the developments achieved over the last six months. The Cooperation Council recalled in particular the positive impetus provided by the EU-Republic of Moldova Cooperation Council of 21 December 2009 and emphasised the opportunities provided by the Eastern Partnership, including its multilateral dimension.

The Cooperation Council expressed appreciation for the consistent process of consultations on constitutional reform and recalled the importance of respecting democratic standards and the rule of law, and of inclusiveness, in completing this process.

The EU welcomed Republic of Moldova’s European aspirations and determined commitment to the goals of political association and economic integration with the EU. The EU reiterated its wish to move forward with concrete measures to ensure that reforms in Republic of Moldova can be sustained, with a particular focus on negotiations of the future Association Agreement, progress towards economic integration and visa dialogue which was launched in the margins of the Cooperation Council.

The EU re-affirmed its readiness to support Republic of Moldova, including with macrofinancial assistance and high-level advice to the government. It stressed the need for Republic of Moldova to step up efforts to implement effectively structural reform - notably with regard to the rule of law, the fight against corruption, and the business and investment climate.

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