Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ukraine Needs Political Stability

Ukraine's Orange Coalition was dissolved today. Prime Minister Tymoshenko lost a parliamentary majority and faces a vote of no confidence.

Said Adrian Severin, S&D vice-president, in charge of foreign affairs for the EP's main progressive group :

"The dissolution of the coalition was a predictable scenario after Mr. Yanukovitch won the presidential elections. For a country like Ukraine, with its specific socio-economic situation and historical background, political co-habitation did not appear to be a practical solution so far.

"However, even if such dissolution constitutes a democratic option that should not in any way lead to further uncertainty and instability in the country.

"Therefore, we are hopeful and encourage the Ukrainian parliamentary parties to agree as quickly as possible on a common national agenda as a basis for a new, strong, coherent, efficient and sustainable governing coalition", Mr.Severin stressed.

"Such an approach is certainly to be preferred to any kind of snap election solution which could push the nation again into political fights and uncertainty".

The S&D Group reiterates its plea for unity in Ukraine and for a swift solution that will ensure the governability of the country, its long term stability and the continuation of the reform process.

Press Release: Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

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