Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The situation in Ukraine following the second round of presidential elections last Sunday was the subject of EP debates this evening.

Leading S&D MEPs urged the newly elected president to be a reliable EU partner, with specific regard to enhancing stability in the region.

They also encouraged the commitment to the irreversibility of the democratic process and the strengthening of political, social and economic reforms in the country.

Said Adrian Severin, S&D Group vice-president and one of the authors of the EP's resolution on the situation in Ukraine: "The hope of the Ukrainian people who are increasingly looking at the EU must be kept up by offering further concrete steps towards integrating politically, economically and socially into the European family.

"The political forces of Ukraine have to overcome divisions, cliché-ridden attitudes or prejudices and to continue the reform agenda, especially judiciary and constitutional reforms.

Ukraine needs real reforms more than illusionary revolutions.

"Ukrainian-European cooperation is desirable and profitable to both partners. It is also a common challenge and a responsibility.

"EU-Ukraine dialog on visas has intensified and there is a stronger political will to reach the final goal of a visa-free regime. In this respect, we support the initiative to set up a working group on visa facilitation", stressed Mr. Severin.

S&D MEPs appealed to respect the democratic choice of the Ukrainian people.

Said Kristian Vigenin, S&D coordinator of the foreign affairs committee, who was on the EP observer delegation for the second round of Ukrainian presidential elections last Sunday:

"This election clearly showed that Ukraine is moving consistently towards political stability and maturity. The next step should be to restart the long postponed reforms of the country for the benefit of Ukrainians".

Mr. Vigenin, who is also one of the authors of the EP resolution on the situation in Ukraine, added:

"It will not be possible to improve the election process in Ukraine without tackling the issue of rules for the financing of political parties and electoral campaigns".

The resolution on the situation in Ukraine will be voted in the February II plenary.

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