Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ashton shows clear determination

S&D Euro MPs said that Baroness Ashton showed clear determination to be both a strong EU foreign minister and a strong Commission vice-president when she appeared before the European Parliament in Brussels today.

Said S&D vice-president Hannes Swoboda and the coordinator of S&D in AFET Kristian Vigenin:

"Cathy Ashton represents a pragmatic policy but also fights for human rights, for ideas and for democratic values. She has for many years been committed to anti-nuclear activities nuclear disarmament. She is especially keen on cooperation with NGOs to defend human rights and promote democracy.

"She expressed her willingness to cooperate with the European Parliament on issues related to the establishment of the new European External Action Service.

"In the coming months there will be tough discussions between the European Parliament and foreign ministers over future foreign policy. Here, Lady Ashton will have to play a strong mediating role. It is absolutely clear that without the European Parliament, there cannot be a common foreign security policy".

Press Release: S&D

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